Update ETIM IXF release format and dynamic release

Today we published a new version of the official international release format ETIM IXF for the ETIM classification. The new version IXF 3.0 was necessary to support the addition of local standard features, that will be first released with ETIM 8.0 on the 2nd of November 2020.

What are local standard features? These are features that refer to a local (national) standard, like for example “Circuit integrity according to BS 6387 CWZ”, where BS is British Standard. With already 20+ national ETIM organizations active in the ETIM development, the number of these features in ETIM would ‘explode’, where most of them are only important locally. But still these features are important and data suppliers must be able to include these in the product data exchange. Therefore we designed new local standard features, identified with special codes like EFUK0001, that link the feature to the country (in this case UK) that issued the standard. All local features will be translated in all available languages, but can be easily filtered out (on the specific codes) if not relevant for the user.

Together with IXF 3.0 we also published a new version (V4) of the memo on dynamic ETIM release, updated for the changes in IXF, but also containing links now to download the dynamic release in imperial version. If you are using dynamic release ‘system-to-system’, please take care to upgrade your system to the new link for IXF 3.0, since the links to the IXF 2.0 variant will be phased out within a reasonable time (around the summer of 2021).

The extended IXF format for the release of ETIM MC (Modelling Classes) will be updated later, since some more changes are needed for that, these need to be finalized properly first.

You can find the documentation in the download area on our website in the section ‘Classification and format’.