ETIM Members

ETIM International was founded to unite local ETIM organizations worldwide. These local organizations are expected to represent the combined interests of the relevant national sectors and stakeholders. Furthermore, national ETIM organizations are responsible for the correct translation of the classification model, the promotion of the ETIM model, the preparation of change requests and any other activities as stated in the ETIM Statutes and Guidelines. ETIM International offers four types of membership:

Membership types:

Full Country Member

A full country membership of ETIM International is open to officially recognized national ETIM organizations as specified in the statutes. Individual companies like manufacturers, wholesalers or technical contractors are welcome to join ETIM International indirectly through membership in one or more of the local ETIM organizations. ETIM International membership fees are comprised of a Basic membership fee and relevant sector fees.

Multi Country Member

An ETIM International multi country (regional) membership can be granted to local ETIM organizations that cover more than one country. A good example is ETIM North America, in which both the US and Canada are represented. The following conditions apply:

  • The local ETIM organization takes care of the local support in all countries within the region (e.g. translations, helpdesk, training, communication, promotion, etc.)
  • Regardless of the number of affiliated countries, regional memberships count as one single ETIM International member: one voice, one vote, one invoice

See the interactive world map below to see in which countries ETIM is represented (click on a country to see the name of the organization)

Global Industry Member

The ETIM International Global Industry membership is open to manufacturers, wholesalers, buying groups and contractors that are already members of at least 5 different national ETIM organizations. Global Industry Members have direct access to and participation in Technical Committee and expert groups – alongside national ETIM organizations. This not only allows for a consistent and efficient alignment of corporate requirements, but also for optimal technical expert input of globally active companies to further develop, enhance and maintain the ETIM classification model.

See the logos of our Global Industry Members below, click on the logo to visit their corporate website

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