Our mission statement

With the ETIM classification model we aim to structure the flow of technical information within the value chain and support B2B professionals worldwide in selecting the right product solutions for their needs, at any given moment.

Our vision statement

ETIM International was founded to unite local ETIM organizations worldwide. By centrally managing the development, maintenance, publishing and promotion of the ETIM classification model ETIM International aims to sustainably expand its applicability and overall use. Our long-term ambition is for ETIM to be recognized as the worldwide leading product classification standard for professional businesses in installation, building and construction. Further developing ETIM is a continuous process and a joint effort of members and users alike. Our role is to ensure that the ETIM model remains simple, solid, reliable, unambiguous, independent and open for everyone.

To facilitate interactions within the value chain we have a strong focus on aspects of digitalization and standardized connectivity. This includes, for example,  laying the groundwork for consistent and timesaving ‘single source of truth’ data storage from which manufacturers can publish relevant product information, but also the optimization of the ETIM standard model itself to feed the BIM model.

General Assembly and Executive Board

ETIM International is a non-profit association in which the various national ETIM organizations are united. ETIM International consists of the following formal bodies: the General Assembly, Executive Board and Standardisation Committee. The General Assembly (GA) is the highest formal body in the organization and has full powers to achieve the objectives and to ratify the vision and strategy of ETIM International. Each country has one vote in the GA, formal decisions are made by majority. The GA not only elects the ETIM International Executive Board – the body in charge of implementing GA policies – but has also the authority to install specific policy groups and task teams.

Technical Committee

The ETIM Technical Committee (TC) is the central body for all decisions regarding the standardization process of ETIM, monitoring all technical aspects of the ETIM model in its entirety. The SC reviews all proposed change requests (accept, rework, reject) by means of the Classification Management Tool (CMT). Each country member and each Global Industry member delegates one of their ETIM technical experts to the TC. Depending on occasion and subject matter, the TC manages all technical coordination and (prospective) collaborations with other classification initiatives, within the parameters as agreed upon by the board and/or the General Assembly. For every additional sector served by ETIM, a dedicated TC subcommittee is set up to discuss sector-specific content issues and change requests.

Experts from manufacturers, wholesalers and contractors together rule the model, making ETIM a true industry standard.

The board

The Executive Board comprises of six members including the President and the Vice- President (“Executive Board members”). Board members are elected by the General Assembly for a term of three years and are re-electable for a new term.

Magnus Sirén (ETIM Finland)


Mary Shaw (ETIM North America)


Frank Jaegtnes (ETIM Norway)


Thorsten Ludewig (ETIM Germany)

Board member

Albert Dunnink (ETIM Netherlands)

Board member

Alexia Labezin (ETIM France)

Board member