ETIM release frequency from 3 to 2 years – release ETIM 9.0 set for 1st of November 2022

A standard is supposed to offer stability, but also needs to be flexible enough to meet the market’s requirements. For stability, so far we offered an official major release like the actual ETIM 8.0 once every 3 years. With ETIM dynamic release we introduced a fully flexible solution, but for most suppliers and users this is not yet manageable. Where everyone is expected to support an official release, dynamic release is now still optional for those able to use it.

After careful consideration, the ETIM International Board and Standardization Committee have decided that a period of three years between ETIM versions is too long to adequately capture the changes on the market. Therefore the ETIM release frequency will be changed from 3 to 2 years, consequently setting the release date for the next release ETIM 9.0 to the 1st of November 2022.

If you have any requests that you want to be processed for ETIM 9.0, don’t wait any longer and contact your local ETIM office as soon as possible (requests open for members only). They also need sufficient time to prepare your request for international approval, so make sure to respect the local deadline to hand in requests.

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