Australia and New Zealand join the global ETIM family!

ETIM International, the global coordinating organisation for technical product data classification, is proud to announce the membership of the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) as ETIM representative for Australia and New Zealand.

The new ETIM chapter will be a joined regional chapter or so called ‘multi country membership for Australia and New Zealand. With an initial focus on the electrotechnical sector discussions have already commenced to extend activities to the HVAC and Plumbing sector as well.

Ai Group will provide the operational organisation. The chapter is already supported by an impressive list of founding members, consisting of both key local and global manufacturers and wholesalers. Ai Group will manage the process of adapting the ETIM model to meet the local market requirements in Australia and New Zealand.

Ai group is a national non-profit industry association representing over 60000 companies in traditional, innovative and emerging industry sectors. It has been acting on behalf of businesses across Australia for nearly 150 years with the purpose to create a better Australia by empowering industry success. Its members are small and large businesses in various sectors including manufacturing, construction, engineering, transport & logistics, labour hire, mining services, the defence industry, civil airlines and ICT.  With more than 250 staff and networks of relationships that extend beyond borders they have the resources and the expertise to meet the changing needs of their membership.

The new ETIM Australia/New Zealand chapter will be managed by Lindsay Le Compte, the Ai Group’s General Manager (Construction  and Infrastructure) and head of Ai Group’s Construction Supply Chain Council. Speaking about the decision to establish the chapter, Mr Le Compte said that Ai Group is committed to the introduction of more efficient e-commerce into local supply chains and the ETIM standard is regarded as a must have for businesses seeking to maximise the benefits that e-commerce provides to the building and construction industry. “When we were approached to consider establishing a chapter of ETIM for Australia and New Zealand it was an easy decision for Ai Group to make to become involved. This is a very exciting development for our jurisdiction and we are looking forward to a long and successful involvement with ETIM”, Mr Le Compte said.

We look forward to working together with our new colleagues ‘down under’ and support them in making ETIM the leading classification standard in their local market, to ensure that all local companies can enjoy the full benefits of the standard ETIM classification model.