ETIM launches its ‘Teach the Teacher’ e-learning training program

ETIM International introduces a brand new e-learning program called ‘Teach the Teacher’. This training is intended to transfer knowledge and experience within the ETIM community, thus creating a growing global network of ETIM experts. If we teach you the tricks of the trade of ETIM classification, we hope you can teach others again!

Instead of waiting until the complete training content is finished, we decided to release it in parts. Today we released the first 3 sections, the goal is to finalize the complete basic program around the summer of 2020, after which we will continue releasing some more dedicated and detailed e-learning content on for example separate ETIM tools in use. You can find the training on our community website using this direct link.

Even though ETIM is no rocket science, it often appears to be difficult to easily understand and relate all aspects regarding ETIM classification and its implementation. Experienced ETIM experts are scarce. ETIM has the expertise and wants to share it with as many interested people as possible, to reduce this shortage of experts.

Being a small organisation serving a global network of local ETIM organizations and their local members, we try to leverage our limited resources to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness. That is where the concept of ‘teach the teacher’ was born. If we can teach one person everything there is to know about ETIM, he can teach others again and so on.

Looking into the best format to build training material for the ‘teach the teacher’ program, we figured it would be best to develop it as e-learning content. This way the content can be easily re-used to further increase the reach. Also the e-learning format makes it more ‘digestible’ then just plain text documents.

We hope you like it and that if offers you great added value in your understanding of ETIM. Any feedback on missing content or other comments are much appreciated, so we can continuously work on further quality improvement.