Siemens joins ETIM International as Global Industry Member

We are pleased to announce that electrical industry leader Siemens has joined ETIM International as a Global Industry Member.

Siemens is a global technology powerhouse that has stood for engineering excellence, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality for more than 170 years. Active around the world, the company’s offering includes intelligent infrastructure for buildings and distributed energy systems, as well as automation and digitalization portfolio for the process and manufacturing industries.

For Siemens, the key to success in eBusiness performance in the B2B sector is high-quality product master data. That’s where ETIM comes in. ETIM ensures more customers thanks to optimal ability to find products on the internet, more sales transactions thanks to a better user experience, and it is all efficient and standardized.

A number of Siemens Regional Companies provide their customers – especially Distributors – product master data according the ETIM-Standard and the list is growing. “Without a product information system like ETIM, data has to be supplied in a number of different formats. That takes a lot of time and leads to a repetition of tasks. Plus, the probability of errors is also higher. Business processes between Siemens, the distributors and the end customers have become so efficient with the introduction of ETIM. It’s hard to imagine how we managed before”, sums up Sales Process Manager Thomas Otto-Kosanke.

The recently introduced ETIM International Global Industry Membership is open to manufacturers, wholesalers, buying groups and contractors that are already members of at least five different national ETIM organisations.

As a Global Industry Member, Siemens has direct access to and participates in the ETIM Standardisation Committee and expert groups – alongside national ETIM organisations. As such, the membership not only allows for a consistent and efficient alignment of corporate requirements, but also for optimal technical expert input of globally active companies to further develop, enhance and maintain the ETIM classification model.

This global membership does by no means replace Siemens’ support to local ETIM organisations, as they will remain an active member of several local ETIM organisations. It will rather push efficiency to the next level by driving standardization of digital interfaces from regional to global level.

We warmly welcome Siemens to the ETIM International family and hope that other key industry players will follow their example, reinforcing their engagement and commitment in the further development of the global ETIM classification standard.