Season greetings from the ETIM Staff office

2023 proved to be another eventful year. Before we punch out, let’s reflect on 2023 and look ahead to next year.

ETIM-9.0 published in buildingSMART’s bSDD.

The year 2023 started off strong with announcing the publication of ETIM-9.0 in the bSDD. Through the buildingSMART Data Dictionary ETIM product classification now easily finds its way into BIM models and is showcased often in demos around using bSDD in BIM software.

International push for ETIM MC

Following the presentation at the ETIM Forum ’22 in Oslo, we published an article on our website about the wish to further develop and govern the ETIM Modelling Classes as an extension of ETIM Product Classification. A development around the standardisation of properties of parametric-models. A business case for sustainable governance and development was presented to the Board and General Assembly and in the fall of this year we found enough ETIM chapters who were willing to support this.

Classification management tooling developments

The governance and maintenance of a standard like ETIM requires tooling which you can’t buy off the shelf. A substantial amount of our budget is invested in the development of classification management tools. While for ETIM MC we needed a separate system which we launched as the Modelling Management Tool, the ETIM Viewer got a big facelift too. Some parts of the Classification Management Tool also got upgrades.

ETIM Forum ’23, Palma de Mallorca

In November we our second successful ETIM Forum. This time we went to Palma de Mallorca. A variety of topics were discussed, and everybody got to enjoy a lot of networking opportunities. Clive Billiald, the CEO of buildingSMART International was our special guest and his presentation was well received.

Adoption and support of ETIM is continuously growing worldwide

This year we were happy to announce Signify as our latest addition to the Global Industry Membership program and we will be anouncing one more in January.  For our national chapter member programme a new handbook was published and starting from 2024 we will be installing a new contribution model that will better suit smaller sized countries.

Exciting things to come in 2024

  • First of all we have marked 19th of February in our agendas in red. On that day we will officially launch ETIM xChange version 1.0. This is a standard for exchanging product data records that contain ETIM data. The bèta Version 0.9 is currently supplied to our members for a final review.
  • ETIM xChange comes with the possibility to supply LCA data of products. But we would like to take it a step further. Therefore, we will start with an international working group on environmental product data that will advise on developments of the ETIM Model on that part.
  • A release plan for ETIM-10.0 has been published which will lead to the launch on the 1st of November 2024.
  • buildingSMART has put the publishing of ETIM MC in bSDD on the roadmap for 2024.
  • As we were able to secure funding for the governance of ETIM MC, we have a search for a new colleage in process. We hope to be able to present a new staff member in the beginning of 2024.

Before we start celebrating christmas..

We would like to wish all of you, and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. We are looking forward to continue our efforts for making a difference in the digital transition of construction and technical industries with our community of supporting members. Together we will provide a complete, easy to implement, practical classification system in 2024 and beyond.

Take care!

The ETIM Staff office

Image by  coolvector found on Freepik