Mapping ETIM 7.0 to eCl@ss 11.0 ready and online in ETIM Viewer!

The mapping of ETIM version 7.0 to eCl@ss version 11.0 Basic has recently been completed, a mapping on class level but also on feature level. The  work has been done by ETIM Germany, within the scope of our international cooperation with eCl@ss. The scope is limited to the electrotechnical sector for now, but can be extended in the future. The goal of this mapping is to make life easier for users of both standards.

You can see the class mapping online in our ETIM Viewer in addition to the existing mapping to bSDD (buildingSMART Data Dictionary). Not only can you see the mapped class code in eCl@ss, you can also search on eCl@ss code and find the corresponding ETIM classes. Check it out at, make sure that eCl@ss is enabled as interest in the settings menu.

The mapping is also available as (English) file in Excel format for ETIM members, please contact your local ETIM office for more information.