Participating national ETIM organizations

ETIM Austria
ETIM is represented in Austria by the association ETIM Österreich.

ETIM Belgium
ETIM is represented in Belgium by Fedibel, the federation of electro technical wholesalers and Fesah, the federation of sanitary & heating wholesalers.


ETIM Denmark
ETIM is represented in Denmark by Veltek, a federation of electrical, hvac and sanitary wholesalers and suppliers.

ETIM Finland
ETIM is represented in Finland by Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association (STK) and by Finnish HVAC Technical Traders' Association (LVITEK).


ETIM France
ETIM is represented in France by the association ETIM France.

ETIM Germany
ETIM is represented in Germany by the association ETIM Deutschland e.V.

ETIM Italy
ETIM is represented in Italy by METEL representing wholesalers and manufacturers.

ETIM Lithuania
ETIM is represented in Lithuania by the National Electrical Business Association NETA

ETIM Netherlands
ETIM is represented in the Netherlands by the foundation Ketenstandaard Bouw en Installatie.

ETIM North America
ETIM is represented in USA/Canada by ETIM North America

ETIM Norway
ETIM is represented in Norway by EFO, NRF and Norsk Byggtjeneste (NOBB). EFO is the Norwegian federation of electrical wholesalers, manufacturers and importers. NRF is the Norwegian federation for HVAC and plumbing wholesalers. Norsk Byggtjeneste represents the building sector and provides knowledge and product information to the complete value chain. 


ETIM Poland
ETIM is represented in Poland by ETIM Polska representing electrical wholesalers and manufacturers.

ETIM Portugal
ETIM is represented in Portugal by AGEFE, the Portuguese association representing electrical wholesalers and manufacturers.

ETIM Russia
ETIM is represented in Russia by RAEC, the Russian Association of Electrotechnical Companies.


ETIM Slovakia
ETIM is represented in Slovakia by ETIM Slovensko.

ETIM Slovenia
ETIM is represented in Slovenia by GZS ZEE, the Electronics and Electrical Industry Association within the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce.

ETIM Spain
ETIM is represented in Spain by ADIME, the Spanish electrical wholesalers federation and AFME, the Spanish Association of Electrical Equipment Manufacturers


ETIM Sweden
ETIM is represented in Sweden by a partnership of SEG and VVS Info. SEG is the federation for the electrical wholesalers in Sweden and VVS Info is a central database organisation for the Swedish HVAC and sanitary sector.

ETIM Switzerland
ETIM is represented in Switzerland by ELDAS, a central database and catalogue production organization for the electrical wholesalers that are a member of the Swiss federation VES.

ETIM United Kingdom
ETIM is represented in the United Kingdom by EDA, The Electrical Distributors Association, the trade association for the UK electrical wholesale distribution industry.