ETIM releases

The current version is ETIM 6.0, which is published in April 2014. The ETIM release in the standard international format is available as an open standard free of charge in English, German and Dutch version. For the other language versions please request information at the concerning national ETIM organizations directly, contact details in the contact section of this website. You can find the release files that are free to use in the download section.

Release format
The content of the ETIM model is identical in all member countries, which means that any ETIM class in use in a country has exactly the same features with the same identifying code for all the countries. However, in the past the release format was slightly different per country. Because this could and did indeed cause some confusion, ETIM decided to develop a new uniform international release format based on XML, a modern and flexible carrier for the ETIM model. Starting from ETIM 6.0 ETIM IXF will be considered THE international standard ETIM release format. The ETIM IXF format is multilingual, so it can contain multiple language versions of the ETIM model in one file. For the complete and detailed format description we refer to the separate document on ETIM IXF, which you can find in the download section of this website.

Every country can still decide to have additional country-specific release formats. The ETIM CMT master database already supports a range of exports formats like ASCII (TXT), CSV, ACCESS and EXCEL. Please contact your local ETIM organization for more information on country specific formats in your country.