The association

The non-profit association ETIM International is a partnership of national ETIM organizations and has its official seat in Brussels.

The association has the following formal bodies: The General Assembly, the Executive Board and the Technical Committee.

The General Assembly has full powers to achieve the objectives and to ratify the vision and strategy of ETIM International. Each country has one vote in the General Assembly, which decides by majority. The General Assembly is the highest formal body in the organization and will elect the Executive Board to perform operational tasks, it can also set up policy groups and working groups. So ETIM International shall be governed by an Executive Board in accordance with decisions reached by the General Assembly.

The ETIM Technical Committee (TC) is the central body for all decisions regarding the standardization process. It has a technical supervision over the complete ETIM model. The TC will formally decide on all proposed RFCs (accept, rework, reject) by using the CMT. Each member country designates one person as a member of the TC, who is regarded as an ETIM technical expert. If necessary, the TC works together with other relevant institutions and initiatives.

For more information please see the full statutes of the association and the guidelines under downloads.